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Deck the Halls for Halloween

Trim your abode with the latest in decorations for a spooky holiday filled with scary-good surprises.


Make Halloween as Scary (or Pretty) as Possible

Regardless of how you 'do' Halloween, here are some fresh ideas and solid tips for this year.


Naturally Beautiful

Choose low-VOC paint, reupholster old furniture, buy from local retailers and make decor decisions with the environment in mind to green your home.


To Halloween and Beyond

Choose from five expert-perfected ideas to whip up a spooky first impression, and keep your front porch festive throughout autumn.


Fall Into Winter

6 ways to prepare for the transition today.


We're Having a Baby Room

How to prep for the perfect nursery.


A Home Makeover Focused on Fall

Welcome plaid, pinecones, and other autumn-inspired touches into your home.


Behind Closed Doors

6 foolproof tips for DIYers to declutter their closets.


How to Extend the Summer Season With Heat

If you love relaxing on your deck or patio during summer, install an outdoor heating unit and you can stay put and warm through the fall.

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