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How to Pick Out the Right Area Rug

Itís a step in the right direction when you know what to look for


Brush Up on Appliance Care

Apply a little TLC to extend the life of household appliances


The Great Ceiling Fan Debate

They keep rooms cool, but do they detract from design?


Teach an Old Faucet New Tricks

The latest breed of faucets makes life easier, cleaner and even prettier


Get Into the Gutters

Short of buying a robot to do it for you (literally), expert tips can make gutter cleaning easier


Home, Spring Home

Springtime cleaning and repair, indoors and out, can help keep your home's value high


Jazz up The Office Space

Add a dash of color you love, a few new organizing tools, a run or two of Washi tape. Who knows what might happen?


A Decorating Trend for a Peaceful Life: Wabi-Sabi

If youíre all pent-up, this trending Japanese principle could calm you down


Color Me Comfortable

How to choose the right color temperature light bulb for your living space

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