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Contractor 101

Get to know your contractor: What to ask, what to avoid


Suite Dreams: Design a Child's Playground

Put the right elements together and your kids the room to grow


What's New in Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to give your kitchen cabinets an updated look, think fun colors, textural inserts and flat fronts


In Praise of the Clean Kitchen

A tidy kitchen tops the list for homeowners – here’s why and how to achieve it


Don't Move - Paint!

It’s still considered the least costly, easiest way to affect decorating change


Basic Training

Take the bathroom from energy-wasting money pit to cash cow ... now


Meet the Designer: Thomas O'Brien

Designer Thomas O’Brien loves the sunnyside-up optimism of designs from the 1950s. His own clean, happy style is finding a home with a new generation.


8 Easy-to-Grow Flowers for Spring

Even a novice gardener can cultivate bountiful blooms without spending every weekend covered in dirt


Pocket Power

How to save space and provide a streamlined look with a pocket door

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