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The Bright & the Beautiful

5 ways to light up your living spaces and make a statement


How to Achieve the Farmhouse Chic Look

Farmhouse style furniture maximizes utility while maintaining charm and a sense of history


Get Crafty: DIY Etched Glassware

Create beautiful custom-etched glassware with this simple, 5 step DIY project.


The Right Height for Kitchen Countertops

Inches make all the difference. Make sure the kitchen countertops are at the right height for the whole family and all your kitchen activity


Appliance 911

How to know if your home appliances are on their last legs


Home for the Holidays: 18 Gorgeous No-Fuss Decorations

Adding seasonal touches to your home is as easy as lighting some candles


Filling the Void

5 fantastic ideas for unused attic or basement space


DIY Pest Control

Nobody likes pests in the home, and harsh chemicals arenít the only way to get rid of them for good. Try these homemade and natural ingredients to keep household pests at bay


Decorating With Daylight

How to use the natural light and warmth of the sun to liven up your interiors

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