6 Secrets To A Foolproof Paint Job

Posted on 04/17/2024

They’re easy to take for granted, but the walls and ceilings in your home are asked to do a lot — from setting your interior color palette and displaying décor to weathering the pounding and pressure they take from kids, pets and adults alike. It’s no wonder why the experts recommend repainting your walls every few years.

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What's new in kitchen cabinets?

Posted on 04/10/2024

While stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops receive most of the admiration in a kitchen design, cabinets have become look-at-me stars, too. Modernizing them can change a kitchen's personality or vibe. Here's a rundown of six trends in kitchen cabinets today.

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Planting fresh ideas indoors

Posted on 03/27/2024

Nothing announces the coming of spring quite like budding vegetation, flourishing flora, and grandly growing greenery. Only you don’t have to wait for your outdoor flower beds to bloom or garden to blossom before you can benefit from an overdue dose of Mother Nature’s majesty.

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Spring outdoor improvement checklist

Posted on 03/20/2024

Tackle these tasks to ensure a better-looking yard. We may be in the thick of winter, but here’s a warm and welcoming thought: It won’t be long before the flowers begin budding, trees start blooming, and the grass goes into a green-up mode.

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Facts on Fiberglass

Posted on 03/13/2024

A Fiberglass Pool Could Be Your Crystal-Clear Choice

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Made in the Shade

Posted on 03/06/2024

Upgrade your home’s outdoor living features in 2024. You’ve had your fill of holiday regaling and hosting guests indoors over these cold winter months, and you’re eager to take your entertaining ambitions outdoors once the weather breaks. Problem is, your backyard isn’t adequately equipped to accommodate alfresco get-togethers.

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Tips to Make Your Home More Cat-friendly

Posted on 02/28/2024

Millions of people cannot imagine life at home without their cats. Cats make wonderful pets, bringing their own unique personality into a home and providing companionship to their owners.

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Where to get home fix-it funds

Posted on 02/21/2024

That roof is starting to leak. Your basement foundation is showing some troublesome cracks. The furnace doesn’t fire up quickly when you adjust the thermostat, and your pothole-pecked driveway has seen better days. Each of these worry spots can come with a costly repair or replacement price tag. So where are you going to get the greenbacks to pay for these priorities?

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When It’s Better to Hire a Pro for the Job

Posted on 02/14/2024

As a homeowner, it’s often tempting to bite off more than you can chew. Particularly, that DIY bathroom redo that you were hoping to save money on, that sagging garage roof crying out for your magic touch or that new foyer light fixture waiting to be hung. Fact is, savvy and skilled weekend warriors can march into the home improvement battle with confidence. But the rest of us are usually better off enlisting experts for a fix-it or remodeling project.

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Signs It’s Time to Rightsize

Posted on 02/07/2024

Take a look around your home. Are the kids grown and moved out and now you have more house than you need? Maybe your elderly parents are ready to sell your childhood home and move to a senior center? It might be time to consider downsizing.

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Short on Time, Big on Clean

Posted on 01/31/2024

Sometimes it seems an insurmountable task to keep up with home maintenance. No need to worry. Take the advice of these cleaning experts, who have sketched out 10 quick-and-easy shortcuts that’ll help you fake the fact that you haven’t dusted in weeks:

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Counter Attack

Posted on 01/24/2024

To get organized in the kitchen, it's best to start on space that will have the strongest impact as it's a room that affects everyone in the house.

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Don’t ‘Sleep’ On Storage Potential

Posted on 01/17/2024

Small spaces and large spaces alike have one major thing in common – it seems there’s just never enough storage space! With the right planning, you can de-clutter and optimize an unused storage haven to create invaluable and invisible storage space – that nether region under the bed where stray socks, various clothes and dust bunnies pointlessly accumulate.

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Playful Organization

Posted on 01/10/2024

Say goodbye to tripping over toys! Our blog on playful organization has the solutions you need to get your kid's business in order today. Your child will take pride in keeping toys under control, and you'll love the clutter-free house. Discover expert tips for a seamlessly organized haven with a touch of playfulness.

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Home Improvements for the Weekend Warrior

Posted on 12/27/2023

Home improvement projects ramp up when the weather warms up, as you channel your inner weekend warrior and prepare to tackle those home to-do lists. Large-scale renovations can greatly affect a home, but smaller projects can yield impressive results and be completed over the course of a single weekend.

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Design on a Dime

Posted on 12/19/2023

Whether or not you host a holiday party, to really capture the magic of the season, you’ll want to spend some time making your home warm and cozy and get your guests into the holiday spirit. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a fortune, or even that much time, with these tactics:

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Light It Up

Posted on 12/14/2023

Every year, holiday lighting manufacturers introduce more varieties of bulbs, strands, colors and accessories. Luckily for the seasonal lighting industry (and those who love cruising the neighborhood, looking at lit-up houses), nobody seems to be willing to forego Christmas lights altogether, no matter their financial woes.

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Reindeer games: Fun activities for the holidays

Posted on 12/06/2023

Holiday get-togethers with family, friends and even your co-workers is fun. You’re eating, drinking, and opening gifts, so how about playing some games too? Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Should You Buy an Investment Property?

Posted on 11/29/2023

Looking to make some extra money each month? There are so many ways you can, from taking on an extra job or starting a side hustle, but Devon Kennard urges you to consider investing in real estate.

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Tips for Safe, Pet-Friendly, Holiday Entertaining

Posted on 11/22/2023

The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family. Celebrating and entertaining are large components of what makes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, and New Years festivities so enjoyable. Holiday hosts with pets must consider companion animals when planning the festivities.

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Get the Table Ready for the Holidays: Easy Centerpiece Ideas

Posted on 11/15/2023

A festively decorated holiday dining-room table can put even the Scrooges among us in a good mood. Anchoring the table: a fabulous centerpiece. Whether you’re having the whole family over for Thanksgiving or keeping the guest list cozy at Christmas, the centerpiece sets the tone for the meal. Here are some suggestions that are affordable and easy to put together:

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Holiday traditions from around the world

Posted on 11/08/2023

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are far from the only major holidays celebrated around the world once the weather gets colder and the year comes to a close. Several other days on the calendar serve as important festive celebrations for different cultures inside and outside America that are deserving of increased awareness.

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Earth-friendly Décor for the Holidays

Posted on 11/01/2023

Holidays are all about decorating, eating, opening presents and enjoying the company of your family and friends. You probably don't give too much thought to these activities impact on the environment – that's a holiday buzzkill, right?

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Sleep Tight- 7 Things to Know About the Modern Mattress

Posted on 10/25/2023

Shopping for a mattress involves more than just jumping on floor models for one that feels right. Customization, trendy fabrics, and convenient designs all contribute to your mattress experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying a new one.

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