Reindeer games: Fun activities for the holidays

Posted on 12/06/2023

Holiday get-togethers with family, friends and even your co-workers is fun. You’re eating, drinking, and opening gifts, so how about playing some games too? Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Should You Buy an Investment Property?

Posted on 11/29/2023

Looking to make some extra money each month? There are so many ways you can, from taking on an extra job or starting a side hustle, but Devon Kennard urges you to consider investing in real estate.

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Tips for Safe, Pet-Friendly, Holiday Entertaining

Posted on 11/22/2023

The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family. Celebrating and entertaining are large components of what makes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, and New Years festivities so enjoyable. Holiday hosts with pets must consider companion animals when planning the festivities.

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Get the Table Ready for the Holidays: Easy Centerpiece Ideas

Posted on 11/15/2023

A festively decorated holiday dining-room table can put even the Scrooges among us in a good mood. Anchoring the table: a fabulous centerpiece. Whether you’re having the whole family over for Thanksgiving or keeping the guest list cozy at Christmas, the centerpiece sets the tone for the meal. Here are some suggestions that are affordable and easy to put together:

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Holiday traditions from around the world

Posted on 11/08/2023

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are far from the only major holidays celebrated around the world once the weather gets colder and the year comes to a close. Several other days on the calendar serve as important festive celebrations for different cultures inside and outside America that are deserving of increased awareness.

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Earth-friendly Décor for the Holidays

Posted on 11/01/2023

Holidays are all about decorating, eating, opening presents and enjoying the company of your family and friends. You probably don't give too much thought to these activities impact on the environment – that's a holiday buzzkill, right?

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Sleep Tight- 7 Things to Know About the Modern Mattress

Posted on 10/25/2023

Shopping for a mattress involves more than just jumping on floor models for one that feels right. Customization, trendy fabrics, and convenient designs all contribute to your mattress experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying a new one.

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The Beauty of ‘Minor Bulbs’

Posted on 10/19/2023

Every August numerous catalogs arrive from bulb companies, only to be placed into a rainy day pile that often never arrives. Part of the lackluster appeal could be the tiresome focus on Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths, plants we have repeatedly seen and planted. It is time for something new – the minor bulb!

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How to Keep Animals Safe Outdoors

Posted on 10/11/2023

What is good for human beings also may be good for pets — within reason, of course. Domestic companion animals can benefit from time in the great outdoors. It provides them new sights and sounds, opportunities to explore, and new ways to exercise. Their owners just need to take precautions to make outdoor ventures safe for domesticated animals. The good news is there are steps to make time outdoors safer for pets.

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The many benefits of using a real estate agent when house hunting

Posted on 10/04/2023

Ever tried representing yourself in a court case, climbing a steep mountain minus a guide, or coordinating a giant wedding without a professional planner? While you may not be required to have an expert for some key events in life, navigating them is a whole lot easier when you’ve got a pro on your side.

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Get a handle on a snazzier kitchen

Posted on 09/27/2023

Replace cabinetry hardware for a fresh look

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A new kitchen that breaks the rules

Posted on 09/20/2023

Why transitional design is so popular in kitchens today

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Bathed in Good Design

Posted on 09/13/2023

Teresa Tumminia of At Home Custom Interiors shows us how a well designed bathroom is a true investment in yourself and your home.

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The Beauty & Art of Collaboration

Posted on 09/06/2023

Collaboration is defined as the action of working with someone to produce or create something.

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Dogs and Water Safety

Posted on 08/30/2023

Dogs have solidified their places in many families. Nowadays, more and more dogs accompany their pet parents on trips to the store, vacations and various recreational pursuits — including trips to the beach or the backyard pool.

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Cooking Up a Backyard Treasure

Posted on 08/23/2023

While the back deck or patio has long been home to the occasional charcoal smoker or gas grill, things are changing for many homeowners. For an increasing number of U.S. grill owners, a complete outdoor kitchen – complete with food prep areas, outdoor kitchen cabinets, outdoor sink, and multiple sources of heat – is becoming a must-have.

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Dangers of DIY

Posted on 08/16/2023

Going it alone in life can have its advantages. You don’t have to depend on others who can let you down. You can set your own schedule and agenda. And you call the shots, of course. But when it comes to a home improvement project or home renovation diy, the do-it-yourself projects can sometimes backfire if you are not cautious or prepared

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Learn the risks of plants to cats and dogs

Posted on 08/09/2023

Indoor plants for the home can be beautiful additions and provide a natural way to filter interior air. Many homeowners prefer to enhance their spaces with green house plants and various flowers. Though that is a great way to design a home’s interior, pet owners must exercise caution with pet-safe indoor plants.

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Investing in a Second Home or Vacation Home: What You Need to Know

Posted on 08/02/2023

Yearning for a place to get away from the everyday? Looking for a property in a warmer climate you can flock to when Old Man Winter arrives? Want the flexibility to travel and vacation without having to find a place to rent or stay at a resort or unique hotel? If so, look closely at buying a second home or vacation home.

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Where do I start? Mapping out your home renovation plans

Posted on 07/26/2023

Before embarking on a road trip, it’s helpful to scan a map (online or on paper) so that you have proper directions, a good idea of how long it will take to arrive, and an estimate of how much your trip to the fuel pump will cost (especially nowadays).

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Top new landscaping trends for 2023

Posted on 07/20/2023

It’s never too early to give thought to your home’s curb appeal and the condition and cosmetic appeal of your yard and grounds. If you want to be prouder of the home you own and catch the eye of visitors and passersby, it pays to devote extra focus to landscaping improvements and front of house landscaping in 2023.

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Gardening without breaking the bank

Posted on 07/12/2023

You’ve always wanted a garden in your backyard with beautiful flowers to enjoy while also giving your home a boost in curb appeal. While a garden can also bring you a great deal of enjoyment, the costs of starting one from scratch can add up depending on how elaborate you want to get

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Low-Maintenance Plants to Put in Your Yard This Summer

Posted on 07/05/2023

Do you want a garden that bursts with life and color, but you don’t have time for all the fuss and muss that often attends gardening?

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Posted on 06/28/2023


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